Privacy Policy

 Privacy Policy

3percent provides trading bot as a service and manages the website, mobile apps, application program interfaces, and social media platforms. This Privacy Policy tells you about the personal information we collect from you (‘We,’ Us,”Our’ represents 3percent throughout this document and ‘You’ & ‘Your’ & ‘They’ refer to ‘User’ throughout this document), how we collect it, how the information is being used, where it is stored, how your data is protected, and your rights with respect to the information.

What 3percent Collects From The Users

We collect data from the users who use our services, websites, and mobile apps. The data may refer to information about an individual. We collect information that is necessary for individual assessment and to deliver our services in the best way possible. We process your personal information only as mentioned in this Privacy Policy or permitted under applicable legislation.


3percent makes use of the common Internet Protocols including cookies to assess device identifiers related to the network: the hardware identifiers such as IP address or mobile device ID: and software identifiers including information pertaining to the operating system type and the browser details like the name of the platform, operating version, plugins, headers, and location info. We employ cookies that are only required for securing the users’ accounts. For example, allowing for the registration and login option. We use Performance cookies that are essential for an uninterrupted access to the website, therefore, enabling load balancing depending on the number of users currently active on the platform. We also may use Targeting and Functionality cookies to record the pages our users have previously visited and the URLs followed by them. Our Cookies incorporation helps us to personalize content for the users and store their preferences. We sometimes use information from the cookies to determine the type of advertising info we display on our website.

User Input

When a user fills a form or provides any other input on our website such as name, email, communication address, contact number, payment details, and other information, we collect that data so we can assist them in the best way. When registering with 3percent, the user is automatically signing up to our mailing list. We will contact the users occasionally through email and social media platforms to notify them on the latest news, updates, and promotional events of our product. Processing the user information for any purpose other than those mentioned in this policy is only done with their consent, which they can withdraw from at any time.


All information about the payment is processed directly by Payment Service Providers’ servers, and 3percent does not store any payment info, OTPs, or passwords related to the payments in full. 3percent receives and stores some insensitive payment details and information in part required for business accounting and tax purposes.

Social Media Platforms

We may use social media platforms and various messengers to communicate with our users and to provide support. When a user links his/her social media account with 3percent, we will obtain relevant information needed to activate our software-based services and request access to the contacts in the user’s social media account, so that they can recommend 3percent to others. We use the collected information to measure, analyze, and understand the advertising effectiveness we serve and to deliver persistent ads to our customers. We do not collect any information from individuals under 19 years of age knowingly.

How Do We Collect and Use User Data

3percent collects personal data from the following types of individuals and for the following purposes:

App Users: When a user registers in 3percent and logs into our mobile app, we collect his/her information with express consent. We use this data to update and maintain our app-based services secure.

Visitors and Individuals: When an individual or a business contacts us through email, social media platform, or our online contact form, we collect their information with express consent. We utilize this information to answer various queries and to notify about updates and revisions.

Customers: If a user has an account on any third-party platform such as an exchange or a wallet, with express consent, we collect the information provided by the user to update the API keys automatically. Clients: We collect information from a client with an express or implied consent when he/she makes a successful payment for the license or service fee of our product. We may use this information to comply with our legal obligations for tax purposes and business accounting. We may also contact the clients occasionally through email or any other mode of messaging service to promote our product.

Disclosing User information

3percent does not sell or disclose any data it holds without the consent of the users. Except when there is a requirement that is legal and allowed under applicable legislation, or to enforce our contracts, we do not disclose the data otherwise. Concerning the partners’ data, 3percent may disclose personal data if it is necessary to establish, manage, or terminate partnership relations, as allowed by law, or in a prospective business transaction. 3percent may transfer the users’ data with certain third parties that include business affiliates, partners, distributors, and subcontractors for the implementation and execution of any agreement we enter into with them or the user. We may also transfer specific information occasionally to advertisers and advertising agencies only to select and serve relevant ads for the users and for analytics and search engine providers that assist us in improving and optimizing our website.

Storing User Information

The information we collect from the users may be transferred to and stored in a country outside HongKong. The country/region where we store the data may not have the same data protection methods and privacy laws. The information may also be processed by staff operating outside the HongKong who work for one of our clients or for us. When we transfer the users’ data, we take all measures that are needed to ensure that the data is being treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We make sure that we take adequate and appropriate physical, technical, and organizational security measures to protect the data. We also put in place data transfer contracts, and other contractual protections with third parties, using HongKong approved terms.

Protection of Information

3percent is committed to data security and protection of the user data. All information is shielded by security integrated systems that are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the data via physical measures, such as secure areas; technical standards, such as encryption and secure servers; and organizational & administrative techniques. 3percent only retains data as long as it is required for the purposes for which it was collected, except for the cookies that are essential for functionality and performance. Should 3percent suffer a breach, it would implement its Incident and Breach Response Plan, including sending notifications to individuals and/or the data collector as soon as possible.

Your Rights on Your Information

All of 3percent users have certain data protection rights, including:

  1. Access to their personal data,
  2. Restricting the use of their personal data,
  3. Correcting any incomplete or inaccurate personal data,
  4. Asking us to stop processing their personal data and
  5. Asking us to erase their data in some limited circumstances.

3percent will respond to all the requests from the users within 30 days. If there is a valid reason for not doing so, at that point, the respective user will be notified. We may ask you to verify your identity when we receive a request for access or rectification. It is done before we act on the processing of the request to ensure that your information is protected and kept secure. At any given time and in any case, you can modify and update some of the data provided by you by sending us an email. You hereby agree that the stopping of processing or erasing your data at your wish may affect the quality of service provision and may lead to termination of agreements between 3percent and you.

Protecting Your Rights

Please contact 3percent via email if you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy or about the information we hold about you. You also have the right to approach the data protection authority in the location where any data protection issue arises in case you wish to make a complaint.