Plans & Pricing

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* 1 USDT (crypto pegged to the USD) = ~USD 1
** By inviting and referring friends, you can upgrade your status once the total deposit hits the amount stated in each plan

Monthly Profit Simulator

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Expected Monthly Return from Your Deposit
  • Deposit in your Binance account30000
  • Expected monthly return %3
  • Exempted due to hurdle rate30
  • Commission fee rate25
  • MembershipGold
  • Expected monthly return amount900
  • Base for commission fee870
  • Commission fee to 3percent218
Net return from deposit


Expected Monthly Return from Referrals

Referee’s membership







Minimum deposit







# of referrals







Expected monthly return







Your referral bonus rate







Referral bonus







  • Silver

  • Minimum deposit$ 5,000
  • # of referrals10
  • Expected monthly return$ 1,500
  • Your referral bonus rate6%
  • Referral bonus$ 90
  • Gold

  • Minimum deposit$ 20,000
  • # of referrals5
  • Expected monthly return$ 3,000
  • Your referral bonus rate6%
  • Referral bonus$ 180
  • Platinum

  • Minimum deposit$ 50,000
  • # of referrals3
  • Expected monthly return$ 4,500
  • Your referral bonus rate6%
  • Referral bonus$ 270
  • Black

  • Minimum deposit$ 100,000
  • # of referrals1
  • Expected monthly return$ 3,000
  • Your referral bonus rate6%
  • Referral bonus$ 180
  • Diamond

  • Minimum deposit$ 300,000
  • # of referrals1
  • Expected monthly return$ 9,000
  • Your referral bonus rate6%
  • Referral bonus$ 540
  • Enterprise

  • Minimum deposit$ 500,000
  • # of referrals1
  • Expected monthly return$ 15,000
  • Your referral bonus rate6%
  • Referral bonus$ 900
Total referral bonus


Net income
(Net return from deposit + Total referral bonus)

This simulator shows all figures in US dollars for your easy understanding. In real life, you will be asked to deposit USDT in your Binance account. USDT(Tether) is a stable coin that is pegged to US dollar (1USDT = US$1).

Net Income


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee my deposit and 3% monthly returns?

Although we DO NOT guarantee your deposit or the monthly return, our trade algorithm ensures that the risk of losing your deposit almost falls down to 0% while stabilizing the return rate between 2-4% each month on average.

Any free trials?

You can test-drive our bot for FREE in your 1st month if you’ve signed up through a referral link. If you are not satisfied with our bot’s performance, you can simply disconnect the bot from your account.

Can you withdraw money from my Binance account?

No, we cannot and will never withdraw anything from your account. We just lend you our Bot to manage your capital in your account. We ask you to send us your Binance account API Key and Secret Key, but we instruct you NOT to enable withdrawals so it will be a ‘Read-Only’ bot connection.

Why is the minimum deposit 5,000 USDT? Can I just deposit 1,000 USDT?

To make a decent return (2-4% per month) while minimizing risk, 5,000 USDT is the minimum amount our AI trading bot needs. We can theoretically make the bot run with 1,000 USDT only, but it won’t be able to generate such a decent return due to the fixed amount of per-transaction fees charged by the Binance trade exchange.

Why does your bot connect with Binance account only?

A sufficient trade volume is critical to enable an AI trading bot to perform well. Binance is now world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of transaction volume.

How can I pay the commission to you?

At the end of each trading period, we send you an email invoice based on the bot’s performance. We give some payment options you can choose from.

When should I pay?

Provided that there is profit made through our bot over a trading period, an email invoice with instructions on how to pay and payment due date will be sent out on the 2nd Sunday of each Month, e.g. Sep 13th, 2020. You will be asked to pay the invoice within 7 days.

What happens if I do not pay the invoice?

Our bot will be disconnected, and the service to your account will be suspended until you pay.

If I invite my friends to sign up, I get referral bonus. What can THEY get?

If your friend signs up through your unique Referral Link, his or her 1st trading period’s commission fee(19-29%) will be fully waived (0% charged).

How can I receive the referral bonus?

At the end of each trading period, we will finalize the accurate amount of the bonus in USDT and send it directly to your Binance account.


Minimum Deposit

Deposit to YOUR Binance account. NEVER to ours. This amount must be maintained over a trading period (e.g. a month).

Bot Setup Fee

Fully waived until Dec 31st, 2021. Thereafter, $99 to be charged for Silver members only.

Commission Fee

Charged for returns generated over your trading period. Let’s suppose you’ve deposited 10,000 USDT in your Binance account, and our bot has generated a 3% or 300 USDT monthly return. Then, we charge you 84 USDT (29% of the 300 USDT less the hurdle rate 0.1% of 10,000 USDT, 10 USDT).

Please note that if you’ve signed up through a Referral Link, we will charge you 0% for your 1st trading period (e.g. 1 month).

Hurdle Rate

The minimum rate of return which the commission fee will NOT be charged for.

Referral Bonus

Your share of the profit generated by those you’ve invited to 3percent. When you sign up, you will receive an email containing your own Referral URL you can share with your friends.

Let’s suppose you’ve deposited 20,000 USDT in your Binance account AND you’ve invited a friend who has later deposited 50,000 USDT in her Binance account. If her 50,000 USDT has generated a 3%, 1,500 USDT, monthly return with our bot, your share would be 6% of it, which is 90 USDT per month. As far as you and your friend maintain the deposit amount, the referral bonus will continue to be paid to you. The more friends of yours invited, the more referral bonus paid to you each month.

Initial Setup Concierge

We assist you with all initial setup process including creating a Binance account, Paxos account, making a deposit and transfer, and connecting our bot to your Binance account. The on-demand service will be done using video call tools such as Google Hangouts or Zoom. You can simply request this service via email ([email protected]) after you sign up.

Start with a 30-day free trial

If you sign up through a referral link,
the commission fee for your 1st month trade will be fully waived.

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