Step 1Open performance report email

Check the commission fee payable

Step 2Open email invoice sent via Gilded

Please click ‘Pay Now’ button.

Step 3Copy the address to Pay with USDT

ㆍ In the prompted page, click ‘Pay Invoice’ button > ‘USDT’ > ‘Pay by address or QR Code’ button in sequence.
ㆍ Copy the address of the invoice

Step 4Copy the address to Pay with USDT

ㆍ Go to your Binance account > Spot Wallet > USDT > Withdraw
ㆍ Select BEP20(BSC) at ‘Transfer Network’
ㆍ Paste the invoice address copied earlier into the ‘Recipient’s address’ and enter the invoiced amount (e.g. 150 USDT)
ㆍ Click ‘Submit’ button and then enter email verification code and Google authentication code

Step 5Finalize transaction

ㆍ Scroll down to ‘Recent Withdrawal History’
ㆍ Find the USDT transaction (In Progress) you’ve just submitted and wait about 5-10 minutes for the transaction’s completion
ㆍ Click the toggle button on the right to see and copy the 11-digit number next to ‘Internal Transfer’

Step 6Come back to invoice and paste the 11-digit number

ㆍ Come back to Invoice > Click ‘Mark Payment as Sent’ button > Paste the copied 11-digit number into the field
ㆍ Click ‘Confirm Payment’ button > Click ‘Yes, mark as paid’ button